Feng Shui Your Life Online Course

feng shui your life courseThis is the Feng Shui for the DIY! Have you wanted to feng shui your own home, but confused by the books. If so, this is the course for you. We meet once week for four weeks over the phone using the Bagua Map as our guide. I love sharing these ancient teachings in a new way and continue to be blown away by the results. 

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The Ultimate Clutter Clearing Detox

clutter clearingReady to roll up and clear out some clutter? If so, get ready. And expect some major change. This is a course you can do on your own at any time! Just register and get going. It is 9-days of clearing anything that is no longer in your highest and best interest to keep! 


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Get Certified!

Are you interested in becoming a certified feng shui practitioner? My next certification course is in Los Angeles in April. I love sharing this 4000-year old art and science with modern application so that we can create better spaces. Whether you are changing careers, a holistic practitioner, or wanting to add something to your existing toolbelt, you will love my certification course. We go deep really quick and, in doing so, feng shui your life and career. 

Next Course is April 25-27, 2014 in Los Angeles

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Here's What Others Have Experienced in My Workshops…

"The feng shui workshop Tisha gave at my gallery was a truly wonderful experience! Not only is Tisha a warm and generous instructor, she has a gift for turning ancient wisdoms into easily accessible actions for transforming your life. Afterward, every participant raved about how inspired they were—myself, most especially. Highly recommended." -Kris Waldherr, author of THE BOOK OF GODDESSES and creator of The Goddess Tarot

“As a studio owner it is important to give my students new and exciting things to learn and practice. Tisha’s workshop did just that. I and every student came away with a deeper knowledge of our personal body wisdom and an appreciation of how everything is deeply and intrinsically related. I look forward to having her back.” -Rommy Kirby, E-RYT, Studio Owner, My Hot Yoga Place and Radiant Optimal Wellness Coach

"I want to thank you for everything you taught us in your workshop. There is a new sense of clarity. I am becoming more conscious, able to detach, and stay present. I am using my attention/intentions to shape my life and receiving guidance during stillness and feeling the entirety of my being. I have always thought that peace was possible, and you've helped me to find it. I feel so blessed.  Thanks again.” -Jennifer

“Absolutely loved this workshop[Yoga of Feng Shui Workshop]. The format was balanced and interesting, was immediately informative and healing, and gave me so much inspiration and knowledge to use at home and in my life. I would do this same workshop again.”

“Tisha is articulate, presented the information in a way we could understand, intelligently but not over our heads.  The yoga portion was a real gift.”