Feng Shui DIY Course

Feng Shui DIY Course

diyThis is a self-paced feng shui course that contains 4 modules. Start anytime! Your sanctuary awaits you...

Are you confused by the books? Don't know what's North, South, good or bad? If this sounds like you, then this is the course for you! I take an easy, practical approach to feng shui that you can start applying immediately.

There are energy centers in your home, just like your body, and they affect all areas of your life, including your prosperity, love, life purpose, health, and more? Is your Wealth Corner full of clutter? What about your Love Corner? You are most likely not only underutilizing these energies within your home, but possibly blocking them.

This Course is for anyone interested in learning and applying feng shui to their home. It is designed to make the benefits of feng shui accessible to everyone. It's also a great course for coaches, fitness professionals, decorators, stagers, and realtors who want to learn the basics of feng shui.

This Course is a great introduction into Feng Shui. If you later decide to enroll in my Certification Course, you will receive a $50 discount! That's how much I think you will love it!


What You Will Learn
  • An understanding of Feng Shui so that you can start applying it immediately
  • Easy application of the Bagua Map
  • Discover which areas of your home take top priority
  • Find out what your dominant Five Element is and how to best incorporate it into your decor
  • Discover the best areas for you to clear clutter
  • Identify problem areas and how it relates to aspects of your life.
  • Construct an Action List to use even after the Course is over
  • Learn what to do with Missing Corners and Poison Arrows
  • Tap into the energy portals for love, money, career, health, and others.
  • Use affirmations with Feng Shui for a powerful boost.
  • Balance the Five Elements in your space to bring about harmony and balance.
  • Implement the Red Envelope Tradition to seal in the benefits of this Course.



You will learn basic feng shui principles without being overwhelmed. This buy ambien next day will provide the basis for the upcoming weeks. You will learn about yin/yang energies, the Five Elements, and how to use the Bagua Map. All of these principles will have direct practical application in your home and in your life!


You will be guided to find out what is out of balance in your life and where that shows up in your home. Learn how to apply the Bagua Map to discover where your personal energy portals are. This will help you prioritize which areas of your home need the most attention. You will also learn how to apply the Bagua Map to your floor plan with video instruction. 


This week we really start to get to know our home on an even deeper level. You will start to see your home in a whole new light - from the floor plan to your clutter zones. You will start to see a direct correlation between your home and your life. We will start preparing an Action List in order to start applying the feng shui principles you have learned in correlation with where you want to make the most change in your life.


We assimilate all the information, insights, epiphanies, and motivation into a practical application. You will add powerful affirmations with the feng shui changes - this is where the magic happens. We will also use the Red Envelope ritual to close the class. It's time to roll up your sleeves!


What the Course Includes
  • A 4-Class module to do at your own pace
  • Each module contains PDF instruction, an MP3 audio by Tisha, and worksheets.
  • Video Instruction on How to Apply the Bagua Map
  • Clutter Clearing Flowchart
  • Each module builds upon the next to learn and implement feng shui easily and immediately!
  • All your feng shui questions finally answered!

How it Works

Start anytime! Once you purchase you will receive an email with a downloadable zip file with all the course contents to get started.

Why This Course?

Bronze-LevelThis course is endorsed by the International Feng Shui Guild as a Bronze Level Course. If you take this course and later decide to enroll in the Earth Home Feng Shui Certification Course, you will receive a $50 discount!

I love introducing Feng Shui to people! I am constantly amazed at the impact it has on peoples' lives. By making simple changes, huge changes take place.

I want to help you make desired changes in your life. Whether it is with your career, life purpose, relationships, or simply to live your best life yet, I want to help. One of the most profound ways to make changes in your life is to make changes in your home.

When you make changes to your home, you make changes to your life. Our living spaces are a reflection of ourself and an opportunity for making desired changes. It's in your home - your closets, your basements, and even in your couch. Get started now!

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