Feng Shui for the Planet



Feng Shui for the Planet is a social initiative of Earth Home LLC. The purpose of FSP is to better the living conditions around the globe by partnering with organizations, such as orphanages, health-care facilities, non-profits, and sustainable living projects that are directly involved and affected by quality of living spaces.

5% of all sales from the EARTH HOME STORE are donated to organizations we support. 

Our vision is for every child to have adequate living and learning spaces regardless of economics.

Imagine a world where every orphan has adequate living necessities, such as linens, blankets, and most of all a sense of home.

We want to assist non-profits by improving their workspaces to be more productive and supportive.

We want to help areas hit by natural disasters to rebuild to the highest sustainable design standards creating a better world than ever before.

These are some of the projects that Feng Shui for the Planet partners with in order to create better living for a better world. 

Organizations We Support

2-01Los Angeles LGBT Center - Anita May Rosenstein Campus

The revolutionary Anita May Rosenstein Campus is a part of the Los Angeles LGBT Center and is scheduled to open in 2019. It will include up to 100 units of affordable housing for seniors, 100 beds for homeless youth, new senior and youth centers, up to 35 units of permanent supportive housing for young people, a commercial kitchen to feed homeless youth and seniors, ground floor retail space, and 350 subterranean parking spaces for residents and visitors to The Village.

Project Redesign 

Project Redesign is based in Nashville, TN and provides interior redesigns for low-income families, community centers and other non-profit organizations. They have redesigned close to 200 spaces!  Their primary focus has been the James Cayce Homes, Nashville’s largest and most at-risk public housing development.

They have also redesigned large, communal rooms for the Salvation Army, YWCA’s Domestic Violence Center, Stratford High is buying ambien online illegal School’s “Top Floor”, and the Martha O’Bryan Center’s Faith Building Lobby and Meditation & Conference Room, several apartments for Mending Hearts, and Issac Linton Middle School’s After-School Activity Room.

In December 2012 I had the honor of working with this fabulous group of women in redesigning a low-income apartment home. I was overwhelmed by their tenacity, organization, and big hearts.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can be involved with Feng Shui for the Planet. Whether it is time, money, or simply a tweet, we would love to have your support. Your voice matters to us!

Donate Your Time

Our future vision at FSP is to get on location to homes, businesses, and communities to better living spaces. If you have design, feng shui, or building experience that you would like to volunteer, then let us know! Definitely stay in touch with our Newsletter for when these opportunities become available!

Receive Our Help

Are you an organization, non-profit, or individual in need of an improved living space? If so, let us know. We want to help! Contact us!


5% of all proceeds from the Earth Home store go to organizations we support. Check out our flagship product - the Original Smudge Spray®

Donate Your Money

Each dollar donated goes directly to organizations and non-profits whom we have personally worked with or have personal knowledge as to the integrity of how their money is spent and their work directed.

All money used is for the betterment of living spaces that otherwise would not have access to resources, such as orphanages, low-income housing, building and repairing schools, health-care facilities, and areas of rebuilding from natural disasters.

p.s. Feng Shui for the Planet is currently NOT a 501(c)(3) and therefore donations are NOT tax-deductible. Our goal is to become a non-profit down the road! Nonetheless, each dollar we receive is accountable to the public.