Energy Healing Session

Intuitive Energy Healing Session

An intuitive energy healing session is conducted over the phone or in-person to help you identify and transform challenging areas. I combine channeled intuition, Reconnective Healing®, card reading, chakra analysis, feng shui, life coaching, spiritual counseling, and mindfulness techniques to give you awareness, higher self perspective, Divine love, and practical tips to move through issues.

Each session is different depending on each person's individual needs. The overall theme however is usually clearing out stagnant energy in the form of outworn belief systems, stuck energy, or held emotions so that clarity, new energy, and higher frequencies can be accessed. This can include career transition, relationship issues, health matters, or general lack of clarity around life situations.

An Energy Healing Session Can Help:

  • Release old patterns that are no longer serving you
  • Reconnect you to feeling centered, whole, and balanced once again
  • Feel a sense of peace 
  • See a bigger picture for your life and a sense of purpose and direction
  • Balance your chakras by removing any blocks or density
  • Remove mental clutter
  • Assist in opening your heart to your true self
  • Reconnect you with your true and authentic voice
  • Make decisions with more clarity
  • Feel grounded and centered
  • Experience more energy


"After our wonderful session, I walked out of there in full ease. Crossing the parking lot I noticed I was smiling - as in all my teeth were showing!  Alone and grinning largely, and it didn't leave my face upon recognition of it. The next thing I noticed getting into the car, was my hands. There was NO pain in the one with Carpal tunnel, and very little in the one with extreme arthritis. This is the first time since I started grooming 8 years ago.  Later when I went to bed, I noticed the enormous peace I felt, and was compelled to take my pulse.  It was 58!!!  I've not had a pulse under my current 64 since the early 90's." -Excerpt from client email

 "Easily relaxed in the tranquil space Tisha creates, I was able to just observe what thoughts would come up as she worked with different areas on my body and with Tisha's guidance realized the connections between the two. My healing sessions with Tisha have helped me connect what is happening in my physical body with my thoughts and emotions."

"Tisha's calm demeanor and trustworthy manner made my session both an enlightening and relaxing experience. My time with Tisha not only helped to clear emotional and physical blockages in my body, but helped reveal more about myself. I look forward to many more sessions in the future."

"I came to Tisha for help with the excruciating pain I was having as a result of a pinched sciatic nerve. After just one session of Reconnective Healing with Tisha, I not only felt relief that day, but was able to sleep on the side of my sciatic nerve that night for the first time in months. Tisha was also able to help me understand the emotional and mental root cause of the pinched nerve, which has helped me make long term changes. I would recommend this modality for anyone seeking immediate and/or long term relief from physical pain."

"Wow. That's about all I can say about my first appt with you a little over a week ago. It's too hard to describe in words what's going on....but then you probably hear that all the time!! Just wanted to say THANKS!"

Session Format

Sessions are conducted by phone, unless an in-person session is arranged by request. A session is approximately 1 hour.

Whether by phone or in-person, a sacred space is created for a healing experience to occur. Every session is different depending on what is needed. I work with clients on an ongoing basis or a one-time session, as needed.