Feng Shui for Businesses

Feng Shui for Businesses

Find out the secret weapon  that successful banks, hotels, and companies use in Hong Kong, China, and the United States.

With the emergence of environmental psychology, more data is being made available as to the impact our spatial environment has on us.  Many of these findings correlate directly with feng shui practices. Space is like a megaphone for businesses - whatever it projects out will be amplified, negatively or positively.

Whether it is a home office, a storefront, or large corporation, the space should be congruent to your business. With business clients, I often see that the space doesn't accurately reflect the business' brand or the mission of the business. This creates an incongruent energy and will negatively affect your business in a number of ways.

Ways Feng Shui Can Benefit Your Business:
  • Attract more business
  • Unlock feeling stagnant in job or career
  • Help Find an auspicious location
  • Refine an optimal floor plan layout
  • Attract clients or customers
  • Increase overall happiness with job or career
  • Improve business reputation
  • Create better efficiency, organization, and workflow
  • Promote creative collaboration
  • Remove blocks affecting income or cash flow
  • Create more visibility to be seen and respected by potential customers and/or colleagues
  • Improve employee retention
  • Clarify vision
  • Increase overall morale and happiness levels
  • Promote creative collaboration
  • Incorporate interiors consistent with branding


Ways to Work With Tisha:

Feng Shui Package #1:

2-Hour Consultation

A business or office consultation consists of an in-person visit to your business or office where I conduct a feng shui evaluation of your space. Prior to the consultation, you will complete a questionnaire with your objectives and problem areas. Depending on your objectives, I will locate and suggest remedies for any energy blocks I will make suggestions for optimal furniture and furnishings layout to increase energy flow for employees, clients, and customers. I can also provide suggestions to improve areas related to business reputation, first impressions, overall growth, and organizational tips for creating better efficiency. $497

Feng Shui Package #2:

-2-hour Consultation (more time can be added at an hourly rate if needed)

-Written report with suggestions

-30-minute follow-up for support

This package is great for businesses that need support with follow-through. It also provides a written assessment for documentation purposes, which can be helpful for future referencing or internal presentations. $697

Feng Shui Package #3

-2-hour initial consultation

-Ongoing project management support

This package is ideal for start-ups, businesses going through a rebrand, or businesses moving into a new space. I can help support you with space challenges, help synergize the space with your brand, collaborate with architects or designers on floor plan, furniture and finishes. $497 + hourly fee or retainer

Meet Your Secret Weapon...

Tisha MorrisAs a practicing attorney for 15 years, I understand businesses. I also maintain a strict professionalism when working with business clients. From working for corporations to law firms to running my own business, I know the importance of space in a workplace. It can make or break a job.

As a feng shui consultant with a degree in Interior Design, I take into consideration the subtle energies of a space in conjunction with aesthetics. Form and function are critical elements, in addition to promoting a creative environment. Ultimately, when a space looks, feels, and functions optimally, you and everyone else enjoy being there which leads to more productivity, more revenue, and more alignment with your business' goals.

I have worked with restaurants, financial institutions, individual offices, law offices, corporate meeting spaces, retail stores, health-care facilities, and wellness centers.

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