On-Site Consultations

On-Site Feng Shui Consultations

feng shuiI want to help make your home a sanctuary. Our spaces should support us, not challenge us. And the best part is that making changes to your living spaces will bring about desired changes to your life – whether it is your career, life purpose, or relationships, not to mention make your space beautiful.

Our living spaces are a reflection of ourself and an opportunity for making desired changes. So why not create the best possible version of yourself? I am a feng shui consultant and interior designer, but really I'm a home whisperer and space healer. I clear, balance, and help decorate spaces and, as a result, you can feel your best at home in your sanctuary.

I am available for on-site consultations in the Los Angeles area at no additional cost. For locations outside of Los Angeles, additional travel fees will apply. I also work remotely! See options for a distant session HERE>>>

Feng Shui Consultation

A feng shui consultation balances and clears the energy of the home and will begin the process of making changes in the lives of its occupants and those who encounter the space. A consultation is highly recommended when selling, buying, moving in, building a home, or at any point when the energy of your space feels off.

Feng Shui is also a healing modality used to bring about desired changes. It can help with improving or attracting relationships, family disharmony, cash flow and prosperity, blocks in career, sleeping issues, detection of harmful electromagnetic currents, health and wellbeing, fertility, general negativity or anxiety, stagnation in career or business, clarity of goals, lethargy or lack of energy.


Topics covered during a consultation (depending on your objectives):

  • Suggestions on how to improve or enhance the chi energy in each area, including the optimal placement of furniture and accessories
  • Identify areas of stagnation and how to move the energy appropriately (due to floor plan flaws or furniture)
  • Trifield Meter measurement of any harmful electromagnetic, microwave, or electric currents
  • Strategies for clearing clutter
  • Dowsing for energy disturbances, which could be as a result of harmful ley lines, water lines, negative energy, and/or stagnant energy
  • Suggestions for furnishings, layout, colors, and interior design to create optimal energy
  • Ways to incorporate the Five Elements of Feng Shui (wood, water, earth, metal, fire) to create a healthy, harmonic and aesthetically pleasing home
  • Numerology of your home or business. This is an important and informative way to find out what energy your space already holds and how it can benefit you
  • Feng shui analysis of home exterior, including the entryway and missing corners
  • Assistance during pre-construction for placement of doors, windows, stairs, beams, and any other architectural elements that may affect the energy of your home


Space Clearing Session

There is an unseen world of energy in your space – from previous owners, past trauma, discord, illness, arguments, land disturbances, furniture, and emotions – that you are most likely not aware of. However, these energies affect you on a daily basis. Space clearing is an important aspect of Feng Shui that clears out old, stagnant and oftentimes negative energy. It allows the space to reset, so to speak, so that you can begin on a clean slate.

A Space Clearing can be done in conjunction with a Feng Shui consultation, or on its own. For space clearing, I use a combination of modalities, such as sage, bells, dowsing, hands-on healing, intuition, as well as my own Smudge Spray formula. For periodic maintenance clearings, I recommend using the Smudge Spray.

A Space Clearing should be done upon moving into a new space, especially if trauma, misfortunes, or negativity occured in the space. Maintenance clearings can be done by the homeowner, however clearing residue from your own negative experiences or patterns oftentimes calls for someone else.

Space Clearing Can Help With:

  • Ridding your home of negative or stagnant energy
  • Clearing energy from previous owners
  • Clearing ghosts or unwanted energies
  • Stopping old patterns or habits
  • Clearing energy from illness or trauma
  • Clearing energy after recent break-up
  • Harmonizing your entire space
  • Feeling more energetic and general well-being


Feng Shui Consultation + Space Clearing Session

This is perfect for just moving into a home or trying to sell a home. Includes a full feng shui consultation and space clearing.

Ongoing Interior Design, Feng Shui, or Set Decorating Services

I can work solo or as part of your design team. Whether it is new construction, set design, or your own redesign, I blend interior design with feng shui principles to help your space look and feel great. Services would be charged at an hourly rate or per contract. Hire me for a start-to-finish design project, or for a portion of the design phase. Hourly fee applies

Approach to Spaces

TishaI take a holistic approach to our living spaces and believe that our homes are an invaluable component to holistic living. I approach spaces just as I do with someone coming in for energy work. After all, our home is a living body that needs to breathe, circulate, and be in harmony with its environment. I am able to hone in on blockages within your home just as I do with the chakras within one's energy field.

Our homes are so integral to where we are in our lives. And like a palm reader reading a palm, I can intuitively read one's home and how it relates to where you are on your life path, along with changes you may want to make.

As an Interior Designer, I also look at spaces from an aesthetic point of view. In addition to optimizing the energy in spaces so that it energetically feels good, it is important that when you come home you love your home and love to be home. Ultimately, our home is a reflection of ourselves.

Here's What Others Are Saying...

"Tisha, I forget what month you and I worked together - it has been absolutely so amazing! I have moved so much stuff around my home/life - and OUT OF IT - it is absolutely amazing. So much more to do but the principles you are teaching me are moving me so fast and furiously toward the life I want for myself."-D.B.

"Your suggestions on the placement of things such as the mirror in the entrance have positively impacted the flow of energy throughout the home. I love referring to the Bagua map for additional ideas and ways to maintain what we started.  We now feel very comfortable and settled when we are home, and since it's all about intention, I feel more confident with the tips and tools I have learned from you. Thank you so much."

"Tisha is a truly gifted resource for any homeowner or professional looking to de-clutter their space. Tisha's intuitive and relaxed style was a great fit for me and I was left feeling excited about reclaiming my personal space and letting go of things that were draining my energy and cluttering my home. 

"I highly recommend Tisha's services and I can't wait to read her upcoming book so I can continue to shift the flow in my home. Thanks Tisha!"
Tisha helped transform our 3,000 sq ft space at Center of Symmetry using her interior design and Feng Shui techniques. She helps with clients, shares her visionary work, and even supports us with our color choices (which is no small feat!).Tisha is a treasured expert in her many fields." -Amy Kiger, Owner of Center of Symmetry