Year of the Horse and What it Means For You

If you’re looking for a reset button for 2014, you got one! 

January 31st marks the first day of the Chinese New Year. And the stars couldn’t agree more! The Chinese New Year is accompanied by a New Moon. We also had a new moon on January 1st. Two new moons within the same month is referred to as a Black Moon with the second one said to pack an even more powerful punch for setting new seeds and desires. 

If you’ve been releasing, shedding, and letting go more than usual over the last few weeks, you are right in align with the last few weeks of the shedding Snake energy as it slithers out of 2013. 

horse2Just like gardening, the more you clear out, the more growth you make room for. And that has never been more the case than this year as we come into the Year of the Wood Horse. 

Not only is the energy of the horse one of the favorites in Chinese astrology because of its quickness for prosperity, but in Chinese Medicine, the Wood element is all about growth and expansion. 

The last two years we were being soaked in water with the dragon and then the snake. (Before buy ambien no prescription mastercard that was Metal which was just nourishing the potency of the water.) Water energy is cleansing, emotional, but also the seed of all creation. Water is dark, murky, and sets the stage for growth to root in… that growth being Wood. So all the work you put in the last two years will start to take root, sprout, break through the surface, and finally be seen. 

I know we are all ready for that!

Take some time to review your goals and intentions you set for 2014. In just a month they may have changed, you may have gained more clarity, or perhaps just re-declaring what you want. If you simply weren’t ready for 2014, then now is your chance!  

In keeping with the Chinese New Year traditions, give your home a cleaning and a space clearing. Sweep away the old and create a nice big path for the intuitive powerful Horse to come in.

By the way, the medicine of the horse that is available to us is intuition, power, efficient speed, grace, and courage. Giddy up!

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    1. Your comment*What a rewarding post!!  I certainly feel the different energy in this year, welcome and embrace it!

    2. Great info Tisha! And I have been clearing the past two weeks!


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