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On-Site Home Consultation

A Home Consultation consists of a visit to your home where I conduct a feng shui evaluation of your home. At this time, I will check for energy disturbances or blocks, make suggestions for furniture arrangement, colors, Bagua Map and Five Elements integration, remedies, and how to create optimal energy, aesthetics and overall balance.

If needed, I will advise on strategies for clutter clearing and help you prioritize areas of your home to work on. Upon scheduling your consultation, I will send you a Consultation Form with questions about your home to get started.  Space clearing, home selling, detecting and clearing energy disturbances, and clutter clearing are more specialties.

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Feng Shui Business Consultation

A business or office consultation consists of an in-person visit to your business or office where I conduct a feng shui evaluation of your space. During the consultation, I will locate and suggest remedies for any energy blocks that may be preventing potential, income, clients, creativity, or any other business concerns. I maintain strict confidentiality standards. I will make suggestions for optimal furniture and furnishings layout to increase energy flow for employees, clients, and customers. I can also provide suggestions to improve areas related to business reputation, first impressions, overall growth, and organizational tips for creating better efficiency.

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Distance – Feng Shui Consultation

A Feng Shui consultation can be conducted by distance over the phone.  Upon scheduling your appointment, I will send you a Consultation Form to get information about you and your home and you will send me a sketch of your floor plan.  During the consultation, we will discuss your issues of concern and how it relates to your home.  I will make suggestions on remedies and enhancements.  A session will last approximately one (1) hour. I will email  you back your floor plan with the Bagua Map superimposed as well as notes from our session.

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